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CATALYST Acquisition

ON Semiconductor Has Acquired CATALYST

All online products and services acquired from Catalyst Semiconductor are available at www.catsemi.com.


AMIS Acquisition

ON Semiconductor Has Acquired AMIS

All online products and services formerly owned and operated by AMIS are available via this link or at www.amis.com.



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ADP4000  ADP4100  6-Phase VR11.1 Controllers for Desktops and Servers

  • Can be programmed for 1- through 6-phase operation; construct up to six complementary buck switching stages; 7.0 x 7.0 mm LFCSP-48
  • Power state indicator can be used to reduce number of operating phases at light loads
  • ADP4000 includes a PMBus interface to to program system set points and monitor key system performance data

NCP1080  NCP1081  NCP1082  NCP1083  Integrated PoE-PD and DC-DC Converter Controllers

  • Integrated solution for medium and high power Ethernet applications; NCP1080/1 PoE eliminates local power supplies/adapters, NCP1082/3 supports PoE and auxiliary sources
  • Robust devices with superior ESD protection and excellent thermal characteristics; all are pin compatible in exposed pad TSSOP-20
  • NCP1080/2 deliver up to 13 W for traditional IEEE 802.3af PoE apps; NCP1081/3 deliver 25 W per draft IEEE 802.3at (D3.0) and up to 40 W for proprietary high power PoE apps


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