Information for Product: #ACL 800 - Megohmmeter


This lightweight and portable meter measures temperature, humidity and electrical resistance / resistivity. Using both internal and external test probes, the meter measures according to EOS/ESD Association Standards and European Standards.

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ACL 800 - Surface Resistance and Resistivity Tester Kit

Measure resistance point to point from 103 to 10 13 ohms with the ACL 800.
Surface to surface and surface to ground measurements are simple to
achieve with the two test voltages (10v and 100v).
*Complies with EN 100 015 standard ESD Association No. 4.1 and NFPA
standard No. 99
*Uses two 5 pound weight electrodes and 10 volts for conductive and 100
volts for Dissipative surfaces
*Digital Alpha Numeric LCD Scale